Complete HMDA/CRA/Fair Lending Specifications

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The following Compliance RELIEF specifications include the latest data requirements for the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) Call Reports. These specifications are presented in an Excel spreadsheet format which allows easy filtering on each section of “Required Fields”. Simply click on the “Import Spec” tab of the spreadsheet and place a checkmark in the appropriate “Required Fields” box in the top right corner. QuestSoft recommends using these “Required Fields” if you wish to utilize Compliance RELIEF – HMDA RELIEF/CRA RELIEF for Fair Lending analysis or to track individual Branch/Team Member performance. Please read the Introduction tab for full instructions. Sample Import tabs are also included.

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Other Integrations

Instant Geocoder is QuestSoft's popular solution for determining Census Tract information associated with specific properties, including State Codes, County Codes, Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) Codes, Census Tracts and Latitude/Longitude. The software is fully integrated with over 40 loan origination systems as well as HMDA RELIEF and CRA RELIEF. Instant Geocoder contains over 52 million addresses and unlike other comparable systems, is updated quarterly. Implementation is simple and fast. Specifications are available for SOAP XML and Windows API formats.

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For inquiries regarding the integration of Instant Geocoder into your software, please contact Jennifer Mathwig, Integration Specialist, at 949-614-8951.

Compliance EAGLE is an end-to-end, fully-automated compliance review solution that integrates with leading loan origination systems. Compliance EAGLE is unique in that it automates the entire mortgage lending compliance process in a single system. It provides compliance with federal, state & local laws and regulations along with fraud detection, risk assessment, flood certification and RESPA-related fee accuracy and High Cost determination. The service is provided in XML with HTML output as desired.

For inquiries regarding the integration of Compliance EAGLE into your software, please contact Jennifer Mathwig, Product Manager, at 949-614-8951

QuestSoft offers traditional Flood Certification integration, though most integrators are now electing for the more robust Compliance EAGLE integration which has more services available for roughly comparable effort.

For inquiries regarding the integration of Flood Services and/or comparison of QuestSoft’s available options, please contact Jennifer Mathwig, Integration Specialist, at 949-614-8951.